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StuArt Turnbull

Calgary photographer and photoshop artist


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Presented by Calgary photographer/photoshop artist Stuart Turnbull

I have been a digital art junkie since first playing with a paint program that came with my 640k - Amstrad computer. A little program called Gempaint initially got my attention. I couldnít believe that you could push a single button on a thing called a mouse and the entire screen would change to any color you wanted. Looking back itís hard to believe that a computer with less processing power and storage capacity than an abacus could get me hooked on digital painting but it did. When I discovered Photoshop and bought my digital camera, it was official; I was addicted.

Iím not sure how to describe what it is that I do. Simply put, I take digital images and then I push them to their limit in Photoshop. Sometimes I will have a concept in mind when I start but more often than not I just let the image happen. For me, the entire process of taking the picture and then seeing what can be done with it in Photoshop never gets old. The toughest part is deciding when to quit playing with one image and start playing with a new one.

My work has been described as PhotoArt, DigitalArt, Photo manipulation, Digital painting, Extreme Photo enhancements, Stucassos, Stoodles, and my all time favorite, ďThatís just stupidĒ. Whatever works for you is fine by me. Until I come up with a better name for it, Iím just going to call it StuArt.
I hope you enjoy.

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